How the Hell Did I Get Here from There?!

Episode 3: Healing Hearts with Children’s Author Lisa Graham

July 31, 2021 Dr. Yvonne Kaye Season 1 Episode 4
How the Hell Did I Get Here from There?!
Episode 3: Healing Hearts with Children’s Author Lisa Graham
Show Notes

"I believe we all have the power within to lead with servant hearts, to be helpers to different people at different times. It's a choice we make on a daily basis." Lisa Graham

This week's episode is a heart to heart with my producer, friend and fellow advocate for children, Lisa Graham.  She is a children's author, motivational speaker, writer, entrepreneur, philanthropist, voiceover actor, podcast host and producer (including this show)!!

Lisa knows that children sometimes have a hard time identifying and expressing their feelings.  Her ability to create picture books with endearing characters who struggle with some of the same challenges children face makes her stories relatable to young readers.  Parents and caregivers alike continue to use her picture books and story themes as a conversation starter for such tender topics as bullying and feeling different.  Educators and counselors have integrated her stories into their Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and Mindfulness curriculum.

Her first book, The Adventures of Finley and Cisco, has received high praise from both the education and literary communities.  Her most recent releases, Randle Finds His Light and Sandy's Safe Place to Land, once again take the readers on exciting adventures with new friends while teaching valuable life lessons along the way.  

In her work, Graham says that "stories about friendship, kindness, and forgiveness are timeless and remind us about the importance of teaching core character values such as love, acceptance, compassion, and empathy.  They are also a great tool for reminding children to be mindful and accountable for their words and actions."

In 2017 Graham launched Empower Kids, LLC,  to empower children through her picture books and support stuffies.  She recently founded Empower Kids for Literacy, a nonprofit whose mission is to promote literacy and mental health in underserved communities.

 Graham is also the producer and host of the podcast series, Tell Me, which celebrates our individual power of one (another) and our ability to create moments that can change lives for the better. 

As you will hear, she is certainly doing that.

Graham enjoys spending time on the family farm in New Jersey with her husband, three children, a sheep named Becca, and a dog named Ollie.  She is an avid sports fan and loves reading, cooking, traveling, finding peace and balance in nature, and appreciating all music genres.

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